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2nd International Explosives Conference


18th-20th June 2024.

John McIntyre Conference Centre, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Theme title: Next Generation Energetics

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"An international conference on the fundamental science of
explosives and other energetic materials.

Next Generation Energetics

Principal Conference Themes:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Simulation and Computing
  • Synthesis and Manufacturing
  • Space Programme
  • Sustainability and Toxicology
  • Novel Explosives
  • Other related topics will be considered.
The UK’s Centre of Excellence for Energetic Materials (CoEEM), in conjunction with the Sector Skills Strategy Group (SSSG) and Cranfield University, is hosting the second International Explosives Conference 2024 (IEC-2024) in Edinburgh.

This event is for all professionals involved in the fundamental science of explosives and energetic materials. If you are interested in the science that underpins deeper understanding of explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics and gas generators, this is the event for your consideration. We invite all, from early careers through to subject matter experts to be involved.

By design the conference is unclassified to accommodate a broad international participation. The style of the event is keynote and other presentations, interactive plenaries and poster sessions. There will also be a networking drinks reception on the early evening of 18th June and a dinner on the 19th June.


We are delighted to acknowledge sponsorship from the following organisations:


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We are delighted the following exhibitors are attending and supporting the conference.

Thermal Vision Research
Institute of Explosive Engineers
Vision Research Ametek
Frazer-Nash Consultancy
Oxford Laser Imaging

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Keynote Speakers

There will be a number of keynote presentations to be announced over the coming months.

Professor Yogi Gupta Dr Felix Plasser

Dr Felix Plasser

Loughborough University

Dr Carole Rossi Professor Carole Morrison Ali Stickings


Tuesday 18 June 2024 – Day 1

Time Activity
0900 - 1000 Registration & Coffee
1000 – 1010 Facilitation & Welcome
1010 - 1020 Opening Address
Session 1: Simulation & Computing
Session Chair: Professor Yogi Gupta
1020 - 1100 Opening Keynote
Professor Yogi Gupta, Washington State University, USA
1100 – 1120 Analysis of the burning of spheres and cubes
Professor John Curtis, AWE
1120 – 1140 UCM/MMP cookoff models for explosives containing RDX
Dr Michael Hobbs, Sandia National Laboratories
1140 – 1210 Morning Tea & Coffee
1210 - 1230 Opportunities for analysis and visualization of detonator experiments using modern statistical methods
Dr Jonathan Rougier, AWE
1230 - 1250 POSTER Session
1250 - 1400 Lunch
Session 1 (continued): Simulation & Computing
Session Chair: Professor Carole Morrison
1400 - 1440 Afternoon Keynote
Professor Carole Morrison, University of Edinburgh
1440 - 1500 STASIS calculations of expansion states for detonation products and fits to JWL equations of state
Dr Andrew Parker, Fluid Gravity Engineering Ltd
1500 - 1520 Numerical framework for the optimisation of HVRB parameters from experimental measurements
Dr Simone Falco, University of Oxford
1520 - 1550 The expansion of high fidelity physics capabilities for simulating the detonation and behaviour of explosive materials
Ajen Limbu/Mark Whittaker, Dstl
1550 – 1610 Afternoon Tea & Coffee
1610 - 1630 Recent improvements in Dstl’s capability for modelling UNDEX and associated structural response
Elliot Tam/Mark Whittaker, Dstl
1630 - 1650 Developments on the analytical modelling of the pinch of hollow explosive cylinders
Charlie Ellcome, AWE
1650 - 1710 Updating kinetic model correlations for modelling linear burning rates: the influence of surface temperature on the pressure dependent behaviour of nitromethane
Dr Rachel Schwind, University of Edinburgh
1710 - 1715 The Shock Waves and Extreme Conditions group at the IOP
Dr Michael Goff
1715 - 1830 Drinks Reception with canapes and nibbles

Wednesday 19 June 2024 - Day 2

Time Activity
0830-0900 Arrival and Refreshments
0900 - 0905 Admin Notices
Session 2: Synthesis & Manufacture
Session Chair: Dr Carole Rossi
0905 - 0945 Keynote:
Nanoenergetic: Paving the Way to Smaller and Smarter Pyrotechnics
Dr Carole Rossi, LAAS, CNRS France
0945 - 1005 Synthesis, characterisation and energetic performance of a new copper compound based on 3,4,5-trinitro-1H-pyrazole
Dr Ashfaq Afsar, University of Edinburgh
1005 - 1025 Continuous crystallization of energetic materials using continuous oscillatory baffled crystalliser
Ruaraidh Wells, NiTech Solutions Ltd
1025 - 1045 Flow Electrochemistry for Amine Functionalization
Professor Thomas Wirth, Cardiff University
1045 - 1115 Morning Tea & Coffee
1115 - 1135 Improved Synthesis of Diaminoazoxyfurazan (DAAF) with a Manufacturing Mindset
Elizabeth Francois, LANL
1135 - 1155 Composite rocket propellant manufacture: A comparison RAM vs planetary mixing
Anna Stanners, Roxel
1155 - 1215 Foundation of a new family of azido binders based on polymeric cyclodextrins
Licia Dossi, Cranfield University
1215 - 1235 High pressure structural study of ammonium dinitramide
Qi Feng Chang, University of Edinburgh
1235 - 1345 Lunch
Session 3: AI & Machine Learning
Session Chair: Dr Felix Plasser
1345 - 1425 Keynote: Machine learning crystalline densities and detonation parameters from quantum chemistry data
Dr Felix Plasser, Loughborough University
1425 - 1445 Energetic Material Qualification: Characterisation for Capability
Dr Matthew Andrews, MOD Abbey Wood
1445 - 1505 Prediction of material properties of energetic materials using machine learning methods
Jan Langer, Fraunhofer ICT
1505 - 1530 Afternoon Tea & Coffee
1530 - 1550 An overview of KIVMesh, a new computational pipeline for Datamining Computed Tomography datasets of energetic materials
Jonathan Miller, Cranfield University
1550 - 1610 Machine learning properties of energetic materials from quantum chemistry calculations of single molecules
Dr Patrick Kimber, Loughborough University
1610 - 1630 Using AI for the Discovery and Synthesis of Advanced Energetic Materials
Sandeep Tamber, QinetiQ
1630 - 1650 TATB thermal decomposition: An improved kinetic model for explosive safety analysis
Keith Coffee, LLNL
1650 - 1700 Pre Dinner Brief
1900 Dinner
InterContinental Edinburgh The George

Thursday 20 June 2024 – Day 3

Time Activity
0830 - 0900 Arrival and Refreshments
0900 - 0905 Admin Notices
Session 4: Space and Other
Session Chair: Jackie Akahavan
0905 – 0945 Keynote
Ali Stickings, Fraser Nash: UK Space Programme
0945 - 1005 Frictional Heating Measurements in PBX 9501
Alan Williams, Sandia National Laboratories
1005 - 1025 Calculating the heat of explosion for non-ideal explosives
Brigadier Gareth Collett, Cranfield University
1025 - 1045 Degradation kinetics of IR decoy flares in seawater
Capt Francesco Amendola, Italian MOD
1045 - 1115 Morning Tea & Coffee
1115 - 1135 The growth and shock testing of large single crystal energetics and analogues
Alice Mintoff, Cranfield University
1135 - 1155 Cocrystallisation Studies of Ammonium Dinitramide
Akachai Khumsri, University of Edinburgh
1155 - 1210 Awards & Presentations
1210 - 1220 Closing Address
1230 - 1330 DEPART

Key Dates

18 June 2024: Start of the International Explosives Conference

Editorial committee

Professor Jackie Akhavan Cranfield University
Dr Peter Portius Sheffield University
Dr William Proud Imperial College London
Professor Colin Pulham Edinburgh University
Professor Andy Tyas Sheffield University
Dr David Williamson Cambridge University

Costs and Concessions


Delegate after 1st April 2024
Three days, lunch and refreshments, networking drinks and dinner: £595

Attendance at the drinks reception and dinner: £150

Institute of Physics and Institute of Mechanical Engineers also offer grants for attending conferences.



There are also opportunities to exhibit at the event with a range of combinations by size and number of exhibitors. We are delighted that the Institute of Explosives Engineers will exhibit alongside the Centre of Excellence in Energetic Materials.

Single Space 3 Metres x 2 Metres - 1 Person - £910

Double Space 6 Metres x 2 Metres - 2 Persons - £1550

Extra person for display - £400 (Maximum of 2)

Terms and Conditions

Venue - John McIntyre Conference Centre

The conference will take place between 18th and 20th June 2024 at The University of Edinburgh’s John McIntyre Conference Centre located in the Pollock Estate beneath Arthur’s Seat. This is a purpose built conference facility with a number of university onsite accommodation options of hotels, apartments and student halls of residence.

IEC 2024 delegates qualify for 15% discount on accommodation (except the Scott Hotel which offers a 10% discount). Please review the list of IEC-2024 accommodation options and use the discount code 'EVENT'.

The historic city of Edinburgh is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Time Out's best top cities in the world. Visit Scotland for more information on visiting unforgettable historic sites, world-class festivals and incredible cafes and restaurants as well as accommodation available.
Visit Britain and What's on in Edinburgh also provide useful information to help you enjoy your stay in Edinburgh during IEC-2024.

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